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We’re in the business of career and life planning, using an innovative approach we’ve developed through our years of experience helping people figure out their “What’s next?”. We have added the exciting principles emerging from the Stanford Design Lab to infuse career and life planning with creativity and fun. This brand-new framework will help you break through feeling lost, confused, stuck and overwhelmed so you can design your life so it works for you.

We offer the NorthxNW Experience a full-day public workshop, invitation-only professional development events, individual coaching and customized programs for organizations.


Join us for our full-day immersion in life design, the NorthxNW Experience. During this interactive workshop you’ll get hands-on practice with specific design frameworks and tools to help you address your “wicked problem” of life and career design.


When you need some one-on-one attention to help you with your life design process, we can help. We offer personalized coaching to help you move through the process and see results. Designed to support NorthxNW Experience participants after the one-day workshop,

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We invite you to help us share this important work. We’d love to visit your organization or professional/ industry group to give them a taste of what it’s like to experience designing your life. We’re happy to collaborate to create something customized for your..

About Us

Our name, NorthxNW, (North by Northwest) reflects our desire to help clients find their “True North”, whatever that looks like for their life and career. We wanted to honor the magical beauty of nature that we experience in our Northwest home. We, your Northwest guides, will help you find your “True North”.


Lynn Brown

Lynn studies people. Not in a creepy, weird way, but in a way that allows them to feel seen and supported in a wonderfully gentle and non-judgmental way. Lynn’s background in human resources, helping organizations develop talent, guiding professionals through career transitions and equipping college students with career planning tools, makes her quite the expert at this whole life design process. One of Lynn’s superpowers is how incredibly connected she is. She’s both a relationship builder and a connector and you just might learn that you already have shared connections with her. She’s THAT connected.


Stacey Lane

Stacey’s superpower is her unflinching positive approach to work and life design, which comes in handy in her work as a career coach. She transforms the negative into the positive without your even knowing it. She doesn’t use a woo-woo approach, she just trusts the process and that individuals can manifest, rather quickly, transformation. Stacey has a long list of satisfied clients who have made major shifts in their careers, both corporate and creative and have had fun doing it!

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